BRACNet has built up a fully redundant and sustainable network infrastructure with state-of-the-art network equipment and reliable communication media.

To provide our customers with the best service experience, we have designed our core network infrastructure capable of scaling, fault tolerant and unsurpassed in efficiency and performance with no single point of failure.

Our Core Network is MPLS enabled which ensures our valued customers enhanced security, faster speed and greater quality of service. Besides we implement IP Security Protocol (IPSec) on our intranet as well as internet traffic for end-to-end encryption and authentication for desired customer. The network is future ready and fully capable to deliver triple play service for any customer.



  • State-of-the-art Data Centers set up in a fully climate controlled and secure environment with full facilities of equipments.
  • Each POP is fully load shared, redundant, highly resilient, and ring-like protected to ensure high network availability.
  • High speed Internet carrier from multiple upstream Providers to ensure reliability and resiliency of Internet traffic
  • High capacity, high performance and highly reliable fiber optic backbone through own/NTTN infrastructure as well as E1/data backhaul from multiple Telco.