Simplify your IT. Solve your business challenges. Gain the agility and scalability to support your organization’s long-term strategy using BRACNet Data Center Services :

•    Server co-location space: Raised floor room equipped with server cabinets, network switches, network connections, and power distribution equipment.
•    Internet & Data connectivity.
•    IT facilities to support system administrators in setting up and supporting systems.
•    Systems monitoring and notification at the customer's request.
•    Physical security and restricted access.
•    Information security in accordance with National standard.
•    Electrical and mechanical infrastructure designed and built to be concurrently maintainable: engineered for zero downtime.
•    Management of climate control, fire suppression, and power systems.

The raised floor space in the Data Center provides an environmentally controlled facility for housing servers and related IT equipment including:

•    Server cabinets.
•    Top-of-rack switches for redundant connections to the customers network.
•    Power strips and power distribution equipment for redundant connections to power supply.
•    Patch cables for connecting servers to top-of-rack switches.

BRACNet staff determines server locations based on power and cooling management and customer business needs.