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This is the corporate logo of BRACNet. Over the past years, BRACNet’s success has been the result of continuous improvements of existing brands over developing existing services, technology, transparency, openness to up gradation. As a whole we BRACNet, provides complete IT solution for our corporate, SMEs and individual home users.




BRACNet Partners are the local distributors of BRACNet. This logo is used by them to ensure the authorization. They provide home user connections for the individual clients to ensure our local presence.  This is also open for taking license of distribution for the business initiators.

The main purpose of e-hut is to create knowledge based society through ‘Rural Internet Entrepreneurship’. In the rural areas e-hut provides facilities of computer and internet experience for the users, beside this e-hut conducts different level of computer training programs along with certifications. The logo here is associated like a flag ship of BRACNet as a co brand in rural areas.


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Corp.: 01614097483, 01714097483
BP/DR: 01613384187, 01678000020

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