The motto of e-hut is to provide up-to-date communication amenities for the betterment of the sub-urban and rural people thus they can use e-hut's connection in home to use internet. e-hut outlets are franchisees of BRACNet and are owned and run by local entrepreneur. BRACNet e-hut is a one-stop shop catering to different types of digital services in specially under-served and remote communities. Through e-hut, BRACNet brings internet and data connectivity to the grassroots of Bangladesh. From the IT facilities of e-hut people can learn, get experiences, and have fun and many more.

In order to facilitate IT know-how, e-hut through its short training courses would educate the youth in the under-served markets. Through our two month certification course, a student is able to orient themselves with basic Microsoft Office Suite, email and internet usage. Every e-hut franchisee who are under the training program, must hire an instructor for computer education training purposes, who is certified by BRACNet headquarter.

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